Rob Mitchell

Philadelphia’s vibrant food truck culture owes much of its success to Matt Geller & the NFTA. His mentorship was invaluable in establishing the Philly Mobile Food Association (PMFA) in 2012. Establishing an association helped to legitimize the food truck industry in Philadelphia. It was an imperative process which empowered food truck entrepreneurs to create the infrastructure to grow as a viable small businesses within our city’s food service industry.

Matt’s unwaivering commitment and guidance has nurtured the PMFA’s growth in innumerable ways. Most notably, he helped guide the creation of legislative reform and elevate standards in public health and safety for mobile vending in our city. In addition to Matt’s legal expertise in this esoteric industry, he is also equally passionate about protecting the food truck owners themselves. Through his advocacy, he helped to implement the guidelines and standards for event coordinators, a move that directly protects these small business owners from exploitation.

Make no mistake, the evolution of food trucks from novelty trend to global industry will be Matt Geller’s enduring legacy.

Rob Mitchell


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