Tony Harrison

Matt Geller has been a key resource, mentor and example for the Food Truck Association of Georgia (FTAG). Since our inception in the fall of 2016, Matt has been our principle resource. We consistently look to Matt and the National Food Truck Association (NFTA) as the model to follow. Matt was instrumental in helping us craft the mission, strategy and tactics for FTAG. As we begin our focus on legislative issues we continue to lean on Matt’s expertise.

Matt’s prototype has been the foundation for the development and growth of FTAG. Through the NFTA, FTAG has a model for structure and collective advancement. FTAG now has over 40 members and is currently working on numerous objectives to promote mobile vending opportunities in Georgia (specifically Metro Atlanta).

Matt Geller is widely considered the thought leader for the Food Truck Industry and we have all benefited greatly from his guidance.


If you have a question for Matt Geller, the President of the National Food Truck Association, click the ASK MATT button now.